Online Classes

What are Online Classes?? Online classes are classes that you attend at school for at least 1-3 days a week depending on the class. You don’t attend the class everyday and assignments are done online by mainly using technology instead of hard copy paper. During my high school year, the school district had came up with new online classes for certain subjects. The subjects consists of English, History, Physical Education and Math.

During my high school year, the school district has come up with the idea of having online classes for students. I have taken 1 online class so far and the experience is really fun and igniting. I really liked taking an online class so therefore, I had requested 2 online classes and hoping to get into 1 class. Taking this online class has taught me to be more responsible and since not many students have taken an online class, I would like to share my experience.

My experience with taking an online class has been non-stressful than a traditional class because I would only meet 1 day a week on a Tuesday. Which leads to less on my mind and I have more time to do other classwork/ homework that’s due the next day for the other class. Since this is not like your traditional class where you meet every day, Monday- Friday, online classes teach you to be more productive and to not procrastinate until the last minute. Your traditional classes would have a teacher who would always remind you what would be due the next day. However in an online class, your teacher would be able to tell you what you would be doing for the week and the set up; but it would be your responsibility to finish the assignment on time and turn it in. If you are in high school, I would totally recommend trying and taking an online class for the experience. It is a new way to learn in a different perspective since you get many points of views.  I feel like this class has made me feel more like an adult who needs to be responsible for their own work like a job. If you are in high school, I would totally recommend taking an online class because you would feel less stressful than usual. It is also an amazing experience; if you don’t like taking the online class then you can talk to your school counselor about dropping the class. However, I doubt that you would want to do that since it’s a really cool experience. I really liked the experience of an online class so therefore next year, I applied for 2 online classes hoping that I can get into 1.

” When you move away from a constraits of a physical classroom, and design content explicitly for an online format , you can break away from the monolithic one – hour lecture and break up the it into short modular units…instead” – Daphne Koller

What I really liked most about this online class experience would be having the chance to understand more about certain topics and subjects through looking at blogs, websites, and social media. What I really hope can be more in an online class would be the ability to have a class group website or something that the student and teacher can communicate to each other since we don’t see each other everyday. I think if there was something where you can inform each other what you did today such as a great book you read that day. An advice that I would give future online teachers would be to let your students get to know you a little bit before they actually meet you in person for the first time in class. For an example, post an intro about yourself where all your online students can see then on the first day you can give instructions about the class instead of spending time talking about yourself. I think that some student succeed more in an online class is because of the time span and experience with it in general. Having a lot of time to do an assignment and searching more online about it can give students more knowledge than reading it through a textbook which has more formal or difficult grammar to understand.

To those whom have second thoughts about online classes should really experience it or talk to those who haven taken the class before saying anything bad about it. Teachers may think that online classes may not help your social skills because you rarely meet students or teachers to communicate however, online classes may actually help you socialize more. I feel like they help you socialize more because you can communicate with many other through social media, understand someone more through their blogs and knowing a little about them/connecting with them before you meet them in person for that day you have in class, and after that you will have a better connection between each other.


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